It all started around January 2014 with a cup of tea and an 8 year old Mac laptop in a tiny bedroom with a little hope.
You simply cannot beat the freedom and speed of writing with a pen as we all know that there is something about the act of writing and drawing in the old fashioned way. We just made it reUSAble.
Letterforms is based in California, in the SF bayarea and is committed to keeping as much of the sourcing, printing, and finishing in the US.
We are on a journey to take Letterforms beyond a writing medium that can trigger emotions similar to the behavior that gets triggered when we visualize a design, typography and art.


We, kickstarted with more than 2587 customers in 2026 cities from 46 different countries, including one of the coldest place on the planet - Iceland.


Sketch drawings precisely with multi-purpose grids. Two sheets of multipurpose pixel-perfect grid for designers, developers and graphic artists. Grids contains 5 Pixel and 20 Pixel guides for maximum design flexibility and easiness. No matter what the technology is, great thinkers always start with a scribble.

For dry and clean correcting – no accidental smudging. Anything you’ve written on letterforms can be erased in no time at all using the integrated wiper at the end of the pen. Wiper integrated in end plug; cap with roll stop. Airplane-safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft.


The emotional and creative side of things are just as important, if not more so. Words get crossed out, thoughts begin, and take a different tangent, veering off into other directions. There is something incredibly cold and sterile about letterforms waiting to be scribbled. letterforms is far more convenient than any other gadget-related method because you can adapt it to your personal preferences.

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